Our systems are designed to alleviate problems and streamline your operations. Listed below are some of the key features that business owner’s use every day. This is by no means a complete list and we encourage you to contact us if you do not see a feature that you are interested in.


All of our systems include simple and intuitive way to connect to your payroll systems or services. Our solutions range from full integration with Quickbooks Desktop/Online, to the creation of custom payroll reports for your for smaller payroll operations.

EMV Integration

Credit card technology has evolved and EMV integration is essential to reduce charge backs and fraud. EMV integration allows all credit card transactions to be automatically processed through your POS. This reduces double entry and eliminates costly errors, while preserving your margins.

Mobile Control

Check in on your business 24/7 with our online dashboard, Home Office. Home Office provides owners and managers with custom reports, dashboards, and automation to better manage their operation. Accountants, managers, and owners can access up to the minute data on revenue, sales, payroll, and menu changes.

Online Ordering

Your customers are now mobile. If you own a food establishment and offer delivery or pickup, a mobile app can remove the frustrations of dealing with phone orders and non-paying customers, plus much more!

Industry Proven Hardware

All of our systems are built upon rugged and industry proven hardware that will continue to perform day after day in a restaurant environment. Re-enforced touchscreens, redundant power supplies, managed backup solutions, and 24/7 hardware monitoring. You can feel confident that your system will work issue free for the life cycle of the system.

Gift Cards and Loyalty

To sell a gift card, your servers simply have to select the gift card option as they would any regular menu item. Branded gift cards can be swiped just like any normal credit card to load the selected value and activate the card. Guests can purchase digital gift cards in-store and online from the webpage. When purchasing eGift cards, your customers can select the amount and include a personalized message.