Your Business, on Your Schedule

Dinerware gets it: As a bar or restaurant owner, you never stop moving. You need to know and track exactly what is happening in your business at any given time, even when you aren’t there in person.

Home Office is a web-based management tool that allows you to keep up with the details of your business whether you are on-site or not. Home Office gives you a real-time, secure connection to your Dinerware system. You can sign in from any laptop, tablet, or mobile device and access most Dinerware Manager features right over the Internet! No setup, no contract, and a low monthly price.

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  • Web-based

    Web-based – use virtually any web browser to access the same management features as the Dinerware Manager

  • Multiple Locations

    Have more than one location? Access all your sites from a single point

  • Menu Changes

    Make menu changes or add discounts in real-time, as often as you like

  • Real Time Reports

    Automatically run real-time reports – or enhance your view of real-time data with charts and graphs on the data Dashboard

  • Email Reports

    Schedule reports to be emailed automatically

  • Update Messages

    Immediately update fresh sheets and message of the day