The program’s easy-to-understand, affordable monthly price plan offers best-in-class management and operational technology

The Heartland Commerce Software as a Service (SaaS) and Point-of-Sale as a Service (PaaS) programs are designed to make POS technology available to businesses large and small. The best part is, your costs don’t fluctuate. You pay the same monthly cost no matter what software issue arises or piece of hardware needs replacing. U.S.-based, top-notch customer support is included 24/7 with a collaborative escalation path to your local dealer when a technician is quickly needed on-site.

Many merchants have worked with a traditional POS provider to support and grow their business. Historically, the technology is purchased outright and often at a tremendous initial cost. You benefits short-term, but as the software becomes dated, and hardware ages and eventually fails, additional unexpected costs for support and hardware replacement can become frustrating and financially crippling.

  • Stay Up-to-Date

    Software Upgrade Subscription helps protect your investment by future-proofig the system andproviding access to the latest technology. It’s the most effctive way of keeping your system up todate and helps your business stay competitive.

  • Stay Secure

    Increase your system’s stability by obtaining access to the latest security patches. An estimated 85 percent of businesses are considered vulnerable to security breaches. The Software UpgradeSubscription allows you to request the latest and greatest patch to be installed which could addlayers of security, potentially saving thousands of dollars for your business.

  • Save Money

    Your POS system typically has two major upgrades per year and includes literally hundreds offeature enhancements over a system’s lifecycle. The Software Upgrade Subscription provides youwith considerable savings compared to numerous individually charged upgrades.

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