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Drive Point of Sale

About Us

Drive Point of Sale was founded in 2015 by Chris LaForge and Ryan Hoy. Prior to starting Drive, Chris worked in the restaurant business for over 15 years. Eventually an opportunity presented itself at MICROS, a global point of sale company that specialized in restaurant and hospitality systems. Chris had early success with his new employer and he stayed with the company for over 5 years before they were purchased. Working with MICROS Chris began to see the market shift leaving his current employer in the dust. Faced with several choices, Chris decided to take the first steps in forming Drive Point of Sale by calling Ryan Hoy.

At the time Ryan Hoy worked for Liberty Security Services, a company he had helped form in 2010 that specialized in security systems and networking. Never one to back down, Ryan agreed with Chris that something had to be done, and the timing couldn’t get any better. With Chris’s restaurant and POS sales knowledge, and Ryan’s networking background Drive Point of Sale was born.

8-years later Drive Point of Sale has over 500 stations spanning 5 states. Chris and Ryan are still at the top, but lead a group of highly dedicated people that are invested in their customer’s success.
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