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Customized Software

Our software solutions are tailored for your business. Whether you’re quick service or fine dining, we have the right solution for your business.

Sleek and Modern Hardware

Sleek and reliable hardware to keep your business moving forward.

On-site Install/Training

Our installation and training staff will make sure everything goes smooth.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Drive’s intuitive Restaurant POS lets you spend less time in front of a computer screen and more time with your guests, and our solid technological platform ensures high reliability you can count on.


Impressive Features

We’ve built-in tons of amazing features to make running your business a breeze. Splitting tickets, custom messages, happy hour discounts, etc.

Delivery Dispatch

Our extremely simple, yet powerful features allow you to better run your delivery operations and communicate delivery information to your drivers.

Signature Capture

Servers can process paperless credit card transactions, capture customer signatures and receipts are immediately emailed to customers.

Kitchen Displays

orders are automatically sent to terminals in the kitchen from your servers, eliminating paper trails and wait times and minimizing restaurant confusion.

Simple Menu Layout

Add and remove items on the fly, and quickly update prices from any station.

Live Reporting

Get up to the minute sales reports, void reports, employee payroll information from any station. Email or export your reports for quick delivery.

Table Management

Track tables and orders with a custom table layout. Speed up employee training with easy to understand visual aids.

Mobile App Alerts

Gain the freedom to manage every aspect of your business remotely. Receive real-time, actionable alerts about sales, payments discounts, labor, guest checks and more on any device.

Gift Card and Rewards

Allow customers to easily purchase and gift cards to friends and loved ones. Online gift codes, multi-site support, and rewards tracking can transform your business.

System Monitoring

Our staff can remotely monitor your system and proactively provide support when needed. We can monitor both the hardware and software to keep you running smooth.

Bar Tab Management

Busy bars and nightclubs will benefit with features such as EMV bar tab pre-authorization, which streamlines the payment process while enhancing security.

Combo Discounts

Quick-service restaurant customers love combination deals that provide a better price when menu items are purchased together.

EMV Support

Securely process EMV (Chip) cards with compatible EMV terminals. Reduce the number of fraudulent charges and charge backs with right industry compliant tools.

Fast Pay

This feature allows the user to quickly create and close a ticket with two touches. Fast Pay works well for high volume, fast-paced bars and nightclubs and is available at any terminal.

Simple Check Splitting

Allow your guests to pay their ticket in any combination that they would like, whether it’s individual tickets or in groups in a fast and efficient manner.

Secure & Reliable

A  secure and reliable restaurant point of sale system that has PA-DSS-compliant software are out-of-scope payment processing options are a key part of your business’s security, keeping your data and your customers’ data safe.

Detailed Modifiers

You can give customers the ability to order exactly the way they want and ensure placing orders is quick and accurate.

Payroll Made Simple

Drive can integrate with your Payroll Processor to provide complete payroll and HR solutions.

Track Menu Items And Stock

Fresh Sheet is ideal for limited numbers of daily specials, but it also can be used to track the use of stock or supplies in real time. It can accommodate hundreds of items making it a simple and effective solution for item management.

On-site Installation and Support

Our on-site installation and training team will speed up implementation and keep you on track for success. During your daily use you may also have questions, our support team is available 365 days a year to walk you through any questions you may have.

Reliable Networks

A reliable POS must have a stable network to communicate orders, receipts, and credit card information. We’re equipped to install and maintain your network, not pass the buck!

Real People

While a lot of our support information is available online, we don’t shy away from chatting on the phone. No forums, no message boards, if you have issues give us a call.

Immediate Assistance

Our staff is able to provide immediate assistance through Teamviewer. We can see, click, and walk you through any issues that may arise.

Back Office

Back Office is a web-based management tool that allows you to keep up with the details of your business whether you are on-site or not. Back Office gives you a real-time, secure connection to your point of sale system. You can sign in from any laptop, tablet, or mobile device and access most manager features right over the internet!

Not sure what you need?

Our sales staff can sit down with you and work out a plan that is right for you. Whether you’re looking to purchase or lease a system, we can provide options that fit your size and budget.

Pre-sell Questions?

Have a question? Just ask! Leave us a comment with your question and we’ll answer just as soon as we can.


We welcome any and all suggestions, so leave us a comment and we will consider it for a future update.

Need Support?

If you find issues with your system, we want to know about it. Send us a message so we can fix it asap.

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