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Reservation Management
Reservation Management

Cloud-powered Guest List untethers your guests, employees and business from the inconvenience and cost of traditional guest list/reservation management solutions.

Simple Check Splitting
Simple Check Splitting

Allow your guests to pay their ticket in any combination that they would like, whether it’s individual tickets or in groups in a fast and efficient manner.

Host Waitlist
Host Waitlist

Keep track of guests from arrival through their order by managing your waitlist using our directly-integrated system, and send text messages to their phones when their table is ready.

  • Meet all of your restaurant needs by customizing your hardware options and software features
  • Our team will help customize your menu setup and kitchen workflow so it is molded to your restaurant
In-House Communication
  • Superior in-house communications
  • Table management and host mode
  • Servers can place special requests from customers which are sent to the kitchen
  • Track reservations placed online and over the phone in real-time and  it will transmit to all workstations immediately
  • Communicate with your staff using internal messaging
Customer Information and Marketing
  • Connect with customers to drive repeat business by using accounts to track previous orders and by rewarding loyal regulars with discounts
  • Analytics provides powerful tools to increase the effectiveness of marketing and advertising dollars
  • Gift+Rewards builds brand equity and boosts customer frequency with rewards-based marketing programs
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